3 Dimensional reconstruction of a person with facial injury showing a depressed left sided fractured nasal bone. The septum has dislocated off the maxillary crest and has blocked the left nasal cavity.
CT scan is not required in most mild nasal injuries but when a scan is available the 3D reconstruction can be a valuable tool.

Nose injury in a child

Int J Otolaryngol. 2010;2010:752974. Epub 2010 Dec 19.

Nasal birth trauma: a review of appropriate treatment.

Department of Otolaryngology, Waterford Regional Hospital, Waterford, Ireland.


The aetiology of nasal deformity has frequently included birth trauma. There is no consensus in the literature as to whether nasal surgery, in the form of closed reduction, is indicated in neonates. The majority of studies in the literature that advocate intervention have inadequate followup periods and there is a paucity of evidence for the adverse effects of conservative management. This case highlights the therapeutic dilemma posed by such nasal injuries in the neonate and, to the best of the authors’ knowledge, at the time of writing, represents the earliest reported case in the literature of nasal deformity in the neonate. The term nasal deformity is used to denote deformity of the nasal pyramid, soft tissue, and septum. Three main aspects of neonatal nasal deformity are addressed including, firstly, if nasal deformity at birth needs to be addressed, secondly, if left unaltered, what the long-term effects are and, finally, if intervention alters the normal course of midfacial development.

Rhinoplasty information from the American Academy of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery


A very well thought out information source. AAFPRS is a body that standardized provision of Facial Plastic Surgery in the USA.

Facial Plastic Surgery is very well organized in the US with strict criteria for certification of surgeons and health providers.dscn8880_3

Munish Shandilya with the President of AAFPRS Robert L. Simons, Toronto 2006,
10 years after attending the Goldman’s tip Seminar at the Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan with him and getting hooked to the art of rhinoplasty.

His passion and enthusiasm were infectious …