Milano Masterclass : Rhinoplasty Section : Rhinoplasty in Europe makes its presence felt across the globe !

The Milano Masterclass 2015 was an excellent academic meeting with an opportunity to learn and share with the best in the field. Rhinoplasty is a surgery that keeps its students humble and appreciative of other surgeons experiences … It is a most gratifying surgery that has the potential to make grown ups cry !!! … There is always a geniality & bonhomie in Rhinoplasty sections that stems from the realisation that other contributors share the same passion towards an Art that can be attempted only when the Science & Psychology have been understood …

Many lessons learnt …
Many hands shaken with respect towards others efforts in this field …
Many new friends made …

Congratulations to Pietro Palma for developing this very mature Forum

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Safe Candidacy for Rhinoplasty Surgery: Munish Shandilya


The Nose has a unique place in determination of Self-Image.
Why does the Nasal Appearance matter so much to some … more than others ?

In my experience if a new patient is not an ideal candidate for Rhinoplasty … it is often difficult to dissuade that person from undergoing cosmetic Nasal Surgery … it is however possible to discuss the safety and predictability issues if enough time is spent discussing these with the person seeking Rhinoplasty. I never shy away from requesting professional opinion regarding safe candidacy of a patient to safeguard my patients interests. Over the last ten years my patient-counselling has increasingly included a close relationship with the Adult and Child Psychiatrists. Although it adds an extra expense to the evaluation process, most patients recognise its value and respect our ethos of keeping the patient interest above every other consideration.

Morphing of Digital Images is a very useful tool that has a central position in my consultation process. It is only used to establish goals while making sure that the images are not considered to be the promised result.

It helps establishing realistic goals and allows great communication with the patient.

Rhinoplasty is a surgery I take very seriously. It is often said that most patients benefit from the surgery. It is generally true but then how many dissatisfied patients are acceptable ? In my view … None !

Is that possible?
Every Rhinoplasty Specialist must strive for that goal … Honest and clear evaluation of results and sharing these with my patients … at every stage is vital for me. A revision surgery rate of about 4 % in my practice suggests to me that our ongoing appraisal by me and my patients over the years … has helped us in knowing exactly where we stand.

How long should one follow the Rhinoplasty patient? The lesson I learnt From Bobby Simon in 1996, Mount Sinai Manhattan NY Workshop was … For Ever !!! Only then the surgeon will know that he has performed a surgery with long-term good results.

Is your patient happy and engaged enough in the process to keep returning over years ?
They do if they trust you and appreciate your ongoing efforts … and if the reviews are free 🙂