Right External Nasal Valve Stenosis
Treated with an External Approach Nasal Tip Plasty.blockrd-nose-whitfield-6-034
Nasal blockage caused by an unsightly variation of the medial crus of the right lower lateral cartilage.
The foot of the medial crus was found to be excessively enlarged and calcified. This had to be excised conservatively in this example of a Functional/Cosmetic Nasal Tip Plasty.

Functional Rhinoplasty & its Cosmetic implications


LEFT : Pre-operative Frontal view
Complaints of severe nasal blockage & Snoring
DISTRESS VOR SCORE    2/10 where 10 is perfect breathing.
No help with decongestants
No Cosmetic Concerns
Attractive 35 year old lady with a very thin skin over the nose.

Investigations : Rhinomanometry and Acoustic Rhinometry with Waterford Splint Protocol.
Diagnosis : Left>Right Internal Nasal Valve Compromise. Dorsal Septal Deviation.
Management plan External Approach Septoplasty & Spreader grafts

Digital morphing technology used to explain the possible cosmetic implications of a Functional Rhinoplasty.

RIGHT: Post-operative Frontal view after 3 months
Columellar incision for External approach
Pleasant Tip and Dorsal appearance. No Tip bifidity.
Degree of swelling around the nasal tip expected to go down over 12 months.
DISTRESS VOR SCORE 9.5/10 ! Excellent breathing and reduced snoring. The effect on snoring is at times a short-term benefit.
Not concerned with the cosmesis but still happier with the appearance after surgery.

The appearance at 12 months will be interesting as the slight swelling dissipates.