Anatomy of Hump Reduction Rhinoplasty: Finesse in Rhinoplasty: The Nose Clinic in Ireland.



Hump Reduction is probably one of the most common requests for Rhinoplasty surgery in Ireland and quite often patients request a surgery that is restricted to the dorsal hump alone. The Finesse however is achieved only when all aspects of the nose are allowed to be harmonious and allow seamless aesthetic lines.

Notice above areas in this Before and After set where EAFPS guidelines for clinical photographs were adhered to

Slight de-projection of the nasal tip.
Naso-labial angle is less obtuse
A: Radix has been advanced
B: A smooth bone-cartilage transition
C: Supra-tip break
D: Columellar double break and the subtle healing scar of external approach few months after surgery.

Critique : A mm of reduction at the K area would enhance the result further. This however may be achieved with healing over the year.

Some areas have been covered to completely protect the identity of the person.