Rhinoplasty Consultation: Digital Morphing of pictures is useful even when Rhinoplasty surgery in not advisable


“Dear Dr Shandilya,
Thank you for the consultation on 20th  January.
I appreciate your honest opinion as to why it would not be wise to carry out the procedure.
Your verbal and visual explanation as to why it would be unwise to do so is appreciated.
Had I been a suitable candidate for the procedure I would have trusted you 100 per cent to carry out same.
Ms K. “

Successful operation is not the only satisfying outcome for all parties involved. 
Successful guidance is a goal in itself …


Understanding Septoplasty: Nasal Septum anatomy as seen in the Sagittal section of a CTScan


Red line showing the area of quadrilateral cartilage


Green lines showing the overlapping nasal tip cartilages


 The area between the Anterior nasal spine and the anterior extent of nasal bones, shown by the grey vertical line, is a common fracture line through the septal cartilage, causing nasal obstruction.


Inferior and obliquely placed area of the nasal septum, shown by the oblique grey line, is a common site for fractures and spurs


 The white line shows the septal cartilage and bone which can be safely harvested as a graft material.