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Can the nasal injuries be managed better within the first few weeks … to optimise the outcomes and reduce the need of surgery or improve outcomes in future ?
Our prospectively designed study is the largest such study from Ireland and this is the abstract of our publication in one of the foremost peer-reviewed journals of Otolaryngology.
We are commencing
Rhinoplasty Specialist ENT Consultant 
to streamline the management of Nasal injuries in Ireland
Blackrock Clinic, Blackrock Co. Dublin.
UPMC Beacon Hospital, Sandyford Dublin 18
Bon Secours Hospital Dublin 9
Whitfield Clinic Waterford.
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Precision & Predictability in Rhinoplasty Surgery

finesse-rhinoplasty-ms-1Before & Three months after External Approach Rhinoplasty. 
Dorsal Hump Reduction
Slight Nasal Tip Up-rotation
Double Break Columella
Not just a Hump Reduction !
Seamless integration of the components of Aesthetic Lines in all dimensions achieve a pleasant result
The Dorsum
The Radix
The Supratip
The Nasal Tip Lobule
The Columellar Double-Break
The early Columellar Scar


The Up-Rotation of Nasal Tip and reduced Alar show !