Preservation Rhinoplasty or Preserving Joseph’s Relevance !

Resurgence of techniques aiming at “Preservation of Dorsal Nasal Anatomy” in Rhinoplasty … emerged over the hills over the last few years and charged down the virally quietened European landscape … claiming a sweet victory from the huge global platforms called Webinars during the Covid19 era. We learnt Anatomy beyond our depth and layers beyond our imagination. Our congratulations to the innovative thinkers and three cheers to a field of surgery that never ceases to fascinate and keeps us excited … to learn more and deliver more. Is this decade going to go busy answering if one of the two will come up a winner … “The Preservation techniques in Rhinoplasty” OR “The preservation of the Joseph Rhinoplasty” with or without the Structural Rhinoplasty … irrespective of the approach … open/closed.

“May you live in interesting times ! ” … probably erroneously attributed to a Chinese curse