Rhinoplasty Research: Festina Lente

While researching for Rhinoplasty surgery it is quite natural to try and find out

Who are the good Rhinoplasty surgeons in your geographical area?

What are their areas of specialisation?

What are their Reviews? Are these Reviews for Rhinoplasty??

What is the Waiting Period?

What is the Recovery time or Down-time?

What are the Follow-up routines? Is the surgeon interested in your long-term results.

What is their Revision Rate?

Do they perform Digital Morphing in every case?

Are they Resident in Ireland?

What body of Rhinoplasty work and Annual numbers do they have?

Do they demonstrate a special interest by writing articles. Book chapters. giving invited lectures on Rhinoplasty.


And Finally the Cost involved and whether you would like to spend a particular price and this is obviously a very important factor for decision making.

I suggest the last consideration should be separated from all above … Go and meet the best surgeons who can give you a lot of insight and information and direct you towards a safer way to approach your aspiration for Rhinoplasty. A specialist Rhinoplasty surgeon spending an hour or more with you for a fee is invaluable … use this information. A consultation with a good surgeon does not bind you with their price or protocol … There is no obligation for surgery and that is why a fee is charged for their time as would be ethical.


Now is the time to find out what the costs are and would you prefer travelling, waiting or considering Finance plans etc.

We get many enquiries a day about Rhinoplasty that start by asking the cost of surgery …

It is not a good starting point in my opinion and it would be my advice that gathering information and taking good professional advice from a few surgeons should be on the top of your list …

Festina Lente (make haste slowly)

Revision Rhinoplasty: Dorsal Augmentation Options in a young growing mid-face.


These pictures of our patient have been posted here with their consent to educate other aspirants of Rhinoplasty Surgery.
Patient Satisfaction at seven month mark 9/10.
Augmentation Options in a Primary or Secondary surgery in case of a “Saddle Nose Deformity” … in a young person where Mid-Facial Growth Spurt is still underway … has to be considered carefully.
Conchal Cartilage Graft from the Ear was used in the above case to improve both Functional and Cosmetic results.