How to find the … Best Rhinoplasty Surgeons in Ireland


Who Does Rhinoplasty?
Rhinoplasty is typically performed by ENT Surgeons, the Plastic Surgeons and the Maxillo-FacialSurgeons.
Facial Plastic Surgeons are surgeons who initially trained as one of the above three disciplines and then have undergone Fellowship training in Facial Plastic Surgery. Not all Facial Plastic Surgeons have Rhinoplasty as their foremost area of expertise.
A few of the above four recognize what it takes to acheive safe and predictable results in Rhinoplasty and devote most of their time to the learning and teaching of this challanging surgery.
Each of these specialties brings a unique perspective and the science of rhinoplasty is enriched by it. The surgeons who pursue expertise in this surgery often meet at the rhinoplasty workshops and conferences to learn from each other. Rhinoplasty is regarded as the most difficult amongst the Facial Plastic Surgery procedures, to master.

CHECKLIST For choosing your surgeon
Request Consultations from 2- 3 of your selected surgeons and see who you are most comfortable with.
See portfolios of previous nose surgeries.
Morphing of digital pictures though not essential, can be very useful in conveying your specific aspirations confidently.
In a small population like that of Ireland, Volume of surgeries is vital for maintaining the skills. You may politely enquire how many nasal functional & cosmetic surgeries your surgeon performs every year.
Appropriate training and Accredited hospital facilities.

Is your surgeon available and interested in your short, mid & long-term follow-up himself ?

Comments, Reviews & Recommendations …

Are these for Rhinoplasty or other minor procedures like fillers, Botox, facial treatments etc. which some centres do in thousands …

Rhinoplasty is a very sophisticated surgery that is widely recognised as the most difficult facial plastic surgery to master …

Very few centres offer Rhinoplasty exclusively as the only cosmetic procedure and some websites and fora do not differentiate between reviews of one procedure from the other …

Research carefully and take your time …