Nose Fracture Clinic in Ireland

Globally the largest prospective series of Nasal Fracture Management by one single Rhinoplasty Fellowship trained Consultant Surgeon. 

nasal-fracture-multiple nasal-bones

Get seen in a casualty department immediately after injury, to exclude a haematoma blood collection which can disrupt your nose cartilage.
Get seen by us ideally within a week or two. We recommend a review and opinion even if longer time has elapsed since the injury.
In 2009 I started a unique project … 
A Nasal Fracture Clinic
Why did we do it?
To provide optimum management for this seemingly innocuous injury that leaves many patients  unhappy and dis-satisfied.
Was it worth the effort?
Yes, only seven unsatisfied patients.
High rate of satisfaction with results. 80%. Breathing as well as Appearance.
Very high satisfaction with the overall management provided. 98%.
Patients felt that all that could be done, was done.
What did we do ?
One Rhinoplasty Consultant surgeon provided management of Nasal fractures.
454 cases comprise the worlds largest prospective study in a short time (16 months)
Complete followup including immediate and delayed surgery, as appropriate
formal MNB/ Rhinoplasty/ Septoplasty.
This Service is now available in Dublin and Waterford every week
1850 85 50 85