Health Insurance and Nose surgery: Will it cover my nose job ?

vhi_healthcareaviva quinn

Health Insurance generally covers your nasal surgery if …
1. It is a cosmetic or Functional problem arising from trauma. The mode of injury is not relevant.
2. You have Functional problems arising as a result of long-standing nasal defects.
3. Sinus pathology 
Where a septal deformity causing nasal obstruction has occurred as a result of trauma, the  costs of septoplasty surgery may be covered. 
How to find out if you will be covered ?
Attend your GP and request a referral to arrange an appointment with a Nose surgeon
The Nose surgeon ascertains what intervention may be required.
Procedure Codes that may be applicable in your case are provided to you
Contact your health insurer and confirm if you will be covered for the procedure.
Cosmetic surgery that is medically not necessary is generally not covered by insurance.