Rhinoplasty Wound Care: Tips and Pearls from a Beautician

Rhinoplasty recovery and Aftercare: 
Cleaning and Hydration

During your first week after surgery, if you have a columellar (external) incision … it should be kept covered in Vaseline.

A Bolster or moustache dressing is used under the nostrils for the first three days to collect ooze and preventing you from dabbing at it and introducing infections.


Cotton tips may be used very gently around the nares. No direct pressure should be applied to the suture line. These sutures, internal splints and plaster of Paris usually come off around a week from surgery.
you must not pull at any sutures.
The tapes holding your dressings should remain dry for the first week and if you wish to wash your hair … you will need help from a hair dresser or a friend. if the dressing gets wet … it loosens and compression effect is lost to some extent.



“Ensure your skin is in good condition before and after rhinoplasty.
A good diet and lifestyle will optimise overall skin condition even more so than expensive creams and treatment.
Include plenty of healthy oils, nuts and seeds.
Drink at least two litres of water every day to ensure that your skin is amply hydrated.
Avoid excess alcohol, caffeine, smoking and high sugar foods and drinks  all of which have a very dehydrating effect on your skin.
A good moisturiser and nourishing oil every night (clarins santal oil) will keep skin well hydrated thus minimising trauma to your skin during surgery and after your dressing is removed.
While your dressing is on … use a gentle cleanser nightly on any exposed skin ( clarins water comfort cleanser is very gentle) followed by night oil and moisturise in morning taking care not to get the product onto the dressing and using very gentle touch.
When your dressing comes off  in a week, it is normal to have some dead skin build up so do continue using your skin care as before. Provided you are gentle using a Very gentle face peel (clarins doux peel) about 5 days after your dressing comes off will accelarate the removal of dead and flakey skin cells.
If using concealer or foundation to camoflage any brusing ensure its hydrating rather than matt as this is more drying on the skin.”