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The first quarter of the year 2014 has been most fruitful ..

My Nomination as the Irish National Delegate to the EAFPS  EAFPS – The European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery, will now allow me to spread the academic message of Rhinoplasty even more effectively in Ireland. For various reasons it is difficult for patients to access reliable information on certain aspects of Nasal surgery and it has been my effort to make some information available through my blog.


Link to the public Profile :


Finally we have confirmation of two of our Book Chapters added to the THIEME Publication “SCLAFANI, RHINOPLASTY – The Experts Reference”. This book from the reputed medical publishers is an eagerly awaited reference source on Rhinoplasty with contributions from some of the worlds most experienced and respected authors.

sclafani-rhinoplasty Received Invitation to Lecture at ESPO (European Society of Paediatric Otolaryngology, 2014 – Rhinoplasty in young patients)

Received Invitation to Lecture at The 37th Annual EAFPS meeting in Mallorca, SPAIN … sharing the stage with at least a dozen global leaders in Rhinoplasty that I keep learning from …