Your Rhinoplasty Consultation with Munish Shandilya


The First Rhinoplasty Consultation is the starting point of your journey towards a nose that you are aspiring for. You should arrange it carefully on a day where you can take full advantage of this time with your surgeon.

Your First Consultation is charged and is pre-booked respecting both the surgeon and the patients time. Please indicate to us the preferred mode of communication and suitable times so that we can avoid disturbing you and maintain your privacy.

In Ireland and the UK the Specialist Rhinoplasty Surgeons do not offer free consultations as these are generally with your Consultant directly and in our case span nearly 90 minutes over two sessions. These are a goldmine of relevant information that any person looking for a Rhinoplasty surgery should avail of as they represent excellent value and a starting point towards a well directed research, unique to your case.

Typically a Rhinoplasty specialist spends a big proportion of their time in meeting, choosing and evaluating the right candidates for Rhinoplasty surgery which constitute a large proportion of their practice. A Rhinoplasty Specialist surgeon in turn sees value in spending their time counselling the right self motivated patient. Ours is a practice where a lot of time is dedicated to Cosmetic and Functional Nasal Surgery. 

It is a good idea to bring as many of your previous pictures in case of Previous Surgeries and Injuries. We recommend carrying these as prints or on a memory device and not  sent in by emails where ensuring the protection of your data is difficult.

Morphing of your pictures during Rhinoplasty Consultations is performed in every single case by Mr Shandilya after taking your pictures with your consent.

Requests for any number of consultations, after the first one, are welcome and are complimentary and these are always with your surgeon directly.

We do not presume after multiple consultations that you would wish to proceed with surgery and unless you leave instructions to be contacted, we respect your privacy and do not contact you.

If you are looking for Rhinoplasty in Ireland it would be our pleasure to welcome you to our   single surgeon practice. We are proud of our transparent and dedicated process and can share results of our previous patients who have consented to such use in the privacy of the consultation room.

Every Rhinoplasty is a unique journey based on the Doctor-Patient relationship of understanding and trust. We believe the journey should be devoid of stress and surprises as far as possible. 

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We offer Consultations in Waterford and Dublin Hospitals. 

Your friends and family are welcome at the time of consultation.


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