Septoplasty in Ireland: FAQs

Q: What is Septoplasty?
A : Plastic repair of Nasal septum that is typically performed for a crooked septum causing a blocked nose.

Q: What is SMR?
A: Sub Mucous Resection of nasal cartilage which has been largely replaced by Septoplasty which is less likely to cause cartilage depletion and complications like a saddle nose.

Q: Who Does Septoplasty
A: Septoplasty is one of the common procedures learned during training by every trainee ENT surgeon and performed by all ENT surgeons throughout their careers.

Q: Can Septoplasty improve the shape of my nose?
A: Yes in some cases where the shape is primarily crooked due to a crooked septum ( see Septoplasty and Cosmesis in this blog)

Q: Is Septoplasty covered by Insurance?
A: Yes, in most cases where it is causing blockage, noisy breathing, interfering with sports, exacerbating snoring or Obstructive Sleep Apnoea.

Q: What are some of the Recent Advances in Septoplasty
A: Please refer to our website

Q: Is Septoplasty as expensive a Rhinoplasty.
A: No, It is approximately half the cost of a typical Rhinoplasty.

Q: Is Septoplasty possible under local Anaesthesia and as a Day-case ?
A: In Ireland it is generally performed under General Anaesthesia as an overnight stay procedure but It is sometimes appropriate to offer Local Anaesthesia and / or as a Day-Case surgery.

Q: Will there be a nasal pack. I am told they are painful when removed.
A: With modern techniques and tools like Endoscopes… it is possible in most cases not to place packs or splints inside the nose.

Q: Will there be a cast or a splint placed over my nose?
A: No.

Q: Downtime?
A: Five working days … Done on a Friday, You can get back to work by Monday week.