Finesse Rhinoplasty : Advantages of Endoscopic Rhinoplasty : Follow-up in Rhinoplasty : Swelling in Rhinoplasty

These pictures of our patient have been posted here with their consent to educate other aspirants of Rhinoplasty Surgery.
Patient Satisfaction at seven month mark 9/10.
PREOPERATIVE : Before Surgery
MORPHED: Computer generated and Digitally Modified picture Before Surgery
POST-OPERATIVE: The middle two pictures represent the evolving result at 3 & 7 months respectively
This was the gist of my lecture recently.
The nuances of Finesse and all Rhinoplasty can be understood by a surgeon who follows, documents and Audits their results indefinitely.
This practice also ensures that the results are long-term and survive the vagaries of healing and the effects of age & thickness of skin.