3D Image Manipulation or Traditional High Resolution Photographs for my Rhinoplasty Practice

Digital Manipulation of photographs in a Rhinoplasty Practice is getting more commonplace but is by no means a universally accepted practice.

I have always found it most useful and it forms the central point of my discussions with all my patients. This is also my favourite tool to hone my art and I often pick interesting faces off Pinterest to study their aesthetics and practice what looks pleasing and what is achievable.

An excellent camera and the right lens allows excellent High Resolution Documentation of reasonable and manageable size.

My interest in 3D imaging of face goes back to the days of my Rhinoplasty Fellowship in 2006 when I explored its readiness and availability. In Fact me and my team presented our research on how a CT Scan of Sinuses can be used to generate 3D Imaging in 2007.

As the 3D imaging is becoming more affordable I can see its advantages in types of surgery where a significant volume reduction or augmentation is performed.

For my Rhinoplasty practice I think it is a gimmicky tool that adds very little as Photographs are a far better way to document, manipulate for discussion, compare Before & After, publish and present our High Resolution work.

Since Rhinoplasty is the only Cosmetic surgery I offer … It is not for me … for now.