Rhinoplasty Before & After : Munish Shandilya Rhinoplasty in Ireland.

Q. Why are there so few pictures of Rhinoplasty patients on Ireland and UK websites even on Specialist Rhinoplasty Surgeons Websites.

A. It is the degree of regulation by local Medical Councils that regulate the privacy of our patients and this is a good practice.

On some foreign websites, you can see hundreds of patients because of a lack of strict regulation.

Any patient pictures on our blogs and websites are placed only after obtaining clear consent.

We give several lectures internationally and either we don’t use identifiable patient pictures or obtain appropriate informed consent.

While you are considering this question … Would you give a consent to use your identifiable pictures … we would not recommend it. It is safer to use un-identifiable pictures that are still useful in educating other aspirants.

Social Media and the Web are great tools to be consumed carefully …

If not specified with our stamp the patient pictures are not from our clinic!