Rhinoplasty and Happiness ! This is our 100th 5 STAR Review on Realself.com and one that exemplifies the ideal journey:


I can’t even begin to explain the life changing experience this has been for me. I was 16 years old when I wanted to get a rhinoplasty (so 10 years now). I was unfortunately born with a big nose and it didn’t fit my face. It hooked over when I smiled. It was actually okay from the front though but the side angle made me extremely self-conscious. I didn’t enjoy going on a cinema date and if a picture I was tagged in appeared on my Instagram of my profile, I’d quickly delete it. It sounds vain and I guess I could have lived with it but it’s a weight I’ve had to carry with for the last 14 years. I started researching surgeons when I was about 20 years old. I had a few consultations but I wasn’t too happy leaving any of them. A lot of the time they modified my nose on the screen that looked similar to a Kim K nose. I still wanted to look like me and a tiny nose wouldn’t have suited me. I cancelled a planned surgery as I had a gut feeling it wasn’t right. I was then 25 years old back in December 2019 when I stumbled across Dr. Munish Shandilya’s website. I liked the look of him and decided to book a consultation for early January. I was hopeful but also hesitant as I was so disappointed from pervious experiences with other surgeons. I had absolutely nothing to worry about though as the minute I stepped in the room for my first consultation with my parents in tow, he greeted us all with a very warm and friendly smile. He had a look at my face and started taking pictures and showed me on his laptop what he could achieve. The picture was everything I could have dreamt about since I learnt cosmetic surgery was an option. However, he did let me know that the risks involved and also made me aware to limit my expectations. He didn’t sugar coat anything but I’m delighted he did! My parents were also very nervous about me doing this but Dr. Shandilya really put their minds at ease and they felt confident in him, as did I. He also wanted me to do a psych evaluation to make sure I didn’t have any body dysmorphia which shows how much he cares for the wellbeing of his client. No other surgeon in Ireland requires this. I passed this test which only took 1 hour. I scheduled my surgery for April originally but due to the Covid-19 pandemic this got cancelled. I was initially devastated but it all worked out for the best. Safety came first. It got rescheduled for early August 2020 in the Bon Secours Hospital in Dublin. I remember being so nervous but the doctors and nurses in the hospital were so lovely. I shared a room with another girl doing the same surgery which was great as we got to talk about our experiences and it wasn’t lonely as I wasn’t able to have my parents there due to Covid-19. I remember getting sorted for theatre and speaking to the anaesthetist and he was very friendly. First time being put under is scary as hell! But it was actually fine and so quick! I spoke to Dr. Shandilya before being put to sleep and once again he put my mind at ease. I can’t explain how comforted I felt and I completely trusted him. I woke up from surgery feeling a bit of pressure and stuffed up. But there was 0 pain! I spent the night there which was great and I was very well looked after. I then got the packing out of my nose the next morning and I could breathe! Spoke to Dr. Shandilya who told me the surgery went very well and I was going to see him a week later for the cast removal. Went home and rested for the week with my antibiotics and pain killers (really no pain, just pressure). Then came cast removal which was extremely emotional! Now my nose was extremely swollen as you can imagine but I didn’t even notice it. All I could see was that the hook was gone. I started crying and if I could have hugged Munish I would have! But sadly Covid-19 guidelines didn’t allow that so we elbow touched. 2 months since the cast removal and I can only say that this was the BEST decision I have ever made. The swelling has gone down heaps but I know I still have a lot to go knowing it takes a year for all swelling to subside. My nose is straighter from the front and the hook is gone. It’s straight and my tip was lifted. It’s not too small but looks like the nose I should have been born with. It’s so freaking natural!! I can’t recommend Dr. Munish Shandilya enough! Please, if you ever consider anyone, please book your consultation with him. You won’t be disappointed. Let me also thank Claire and Fiona (his secretaries) for all their help in booking this consultation and also for providing me with every answer I had a question for. They have been lovely from start to finish! I had my follow up consultation which was lovely to catch up and I have another follow up in November. All follow-ups are included and I can see him as much as I like if I have any questions. Also (side note) I actually had a slightly deviated septum (that I wasn’t aware of) and my breathing has massively improved. Can’t believe the amount of air going in! Munish let me know that he fixed a slight problem but I didn’t realise the impact of it! I’m a singer and I can sing better (not so nasally). I repeat, best decision I could have ever made!!!!! Thank you Dr. Munish Shandilya, I’m the most confident I’ve ever felt. It has been life changing. I can’t ever thank you enough!!