Rhinoplasty Aftercare : Professional standards of care during this anxious period.



Recovery from Rhinoplasty can be an anxious period especially if you do not have adequate access to your surgeon and their team.

The weeks approaching the surgery date :
You are informed about your journey and minimising the surprises allays your anxiety.
Your surgeon shows and describes examples of swelling, bruising and any scars from planned incisions. This is part of your second preoperative consultation routinely.

The day of Surgery. You are admitted on the day and routinely spend that night at the hospital. A very gentle pack is placed in your nostrils that literally slips out as your surgeon or a nurse removes it next morning

Day after the Surgery: after pack removal you rest for a few hours before you are taken home by a friend or a family member.

Day 2 – Day 7: You are advised to rest at home.

SLEEPING : Sleep propped up and with big pillows on your sides so as not to traumatise your nose.NOSE BLOWING & SNEEZING : You are advised not to blow your nose and keep your mouth open if you sneeze.
ITCH: You may use antihistamines if the face and nose get itchy.
BRUISING: is minimal with atraumatic techniques but skin characteristics make some patients more likely to get them.
PAIN: usually painless but you are prescribed pain relief
BLEEDING: oozing common first few days. Frank bleeding is rare and you must contact your surgeons team. You will have 24/7 access with a mobile number
SWELLING: usually peaks a few days after the cast removal … roughly 10 days after surgery and subsides gradually. Most of the swelling subsides from 3-6 months. Smaller changes are recorded upto 12 months and even afterwards as annual pictures show.

Day 7 (First postoperative review by surgeon ): The cast over the nose and any sutures or splints come out. This day also you should arrange an escort to drive you.

Day8 – Day 14 : Second week of rest
CARE OF COLUMELLAR SCAR: clean around the incision line but not on it directly. Keep covered in vaseline.

Day 28 Approximately : Second postoperative review

3 Months Review

6 months review

12 Month Review

Annual Review

Patients who have no concerns and do not wish to be followed up long-term are advised to contact us if and when required.

Clinical pictures are taken at every visit to follow the healing pattern

Individual routines may vary and if you have questions you must ask us