Are you researching for a RHINOPLASTY SURGEON IN IRELAND : Munish Shandilya

In this age of Social Media, Instagram, Fake News and Fast and Cheap deals it is our duty as Dedicated Rhinoplasty Surgeons to educate patients aspiring for Rhinoplasty and equip them with the tools to make the right decisions. Implications of poor decisions regarding surgeon choice can be devastating.

I have recently been honoured with the post of Chairperson of a Focus Group of EAFPS (European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery ) that will be looking at Outcome Research in Rhinoplasty.

In simple terms we will be looking at standardisation of Rhinoplasty outcomes and finding means to optimise Satisfaction from Rhinoplasty.

It is obvious that a successful Rhinoplasty is one where the patient is happier. No other criteria (Beautiful pictures, advertised profiles, Peer opinions etc) have any real meaning if our patients are not happier.

These are my current opinions in this regard

Yes, that is not possible in every single case but that still has to remain the prime objective of Rhinoplasty. Once we establish that a happier patient is our goal … the next step is to focus on how do we ensure that.

  1. Ongoing Learning and Teaching of Rhinoplasty. Most dedicated surgeons attend several workshops a year to learn and to give lectures on this fast changing field.
  2. What indicates or determines qualification as a Rhinoplasty Surgeon. The qualifications Certifications and Research profile. How many Rhinoplasties they perform What percentage of their practice is Rhinoplasty.
  3. Guidelines for ethical means of attracting new patients. Are their Reviews on a respectable site or a self serving commercial site. Are the Reviews for Rhinoplasty. Surgical Rhinoplasty or Injectable?
  4. Guidelines for patient data privacy are different in different countries. Ireland and UK have more stringent ethical guidelines.
  5. Guidelines on Psychological profile of patient for patient safety and guidance. This is an area where research is being carried out. Our practice is one of the pioneering teams with vast and increasing experience.
  6. Close and long-term follow-up. The patients typically need advise even in the most satisfactory results.
  7. A team made up of members who understand the importance of care Patience and Empathy in this Surgery. It is a surgery where methodically allaying patient anxiety at all stages is important. It is vital to preserve patient trust in the Surgeon. It is vital to preserve a healthy patient-surgeon relationship.
  8. Patients Support Circle